About the future.lab

At the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, the future.lab is a platform for inter- and transdisciplinary research as well as education in urban and spatial development. The platform aims at creating opportunities and promoting projects that encourage research, education, and practice to engage in an open exchange and strengthen their profile. The platform challenges researchers, teachers, students, and colleagues from the planning practice to develop specific projects and plans and translate the claim of a transdisciplinary and open scientific practice into action.

Networking and Capacity Building

The platform builds on the research fields and funding priorities of the TU Wien and the Faculty of Architecture and Planning. To do so, it encourages the discussion of concepts relevant to developments, strategies, and projects in the fields of architecture, urban design, spatial planning, urban management, urban studies, urban governance, transformation research etc. Last but not least, the platform promotes the dialogue between research and planning practice.

Experimental inter- and transdisciplinary Formats in Education and Research

Urban planning is always the result of different stakeholders, institutions, and disciplines. The complex nature of tasks, actions, and research fields in urban development requires thinking outside the box, networking, and learning with and from each other. At this point, the future.lab comes in. The inter- and transdisciplinary approach as well as the open format are key to constantly challenging and promoting methodological, social, and personal skills in dealing with space and architecture. Future.lab projects are designed in a way that makes abstract topics of spatial development visible and thus discussable. In brief, the future.lab seeks to enrich and intensify the ongoing discourse on the future of cities and urban perspectives.