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Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Scheuvens Contact: TISS

Dean Office of Faculty for Architecture and Planning
E280-04 Local Planning

future.lab Services | E285-50

Univ.Ass. Arch. Dipl.Ing. Dr.techn. Sabina Riss Kontakt: TISS

As a postdoc, Sabina Riss is involved in the Faculty's science management agendas. She organises the doctoral colloquia, the further development of the Research School and is involved in evaluation processes and networking and was responsible for the Research Days 2022. She is involved in courses and research projects in the future.lab.

As an architect, doctor of architecture and long-time university lecturer, her focus is on gender and diversity issues in housing and urban planning as well as in the professional field of architecture. She is involved in the faculty's working group for equal treatment issues and the Claiming*Spaces collective, as well as the women's committee of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, and is committed to equal training and practice conditions. As a self-employed gender expert, she is co-author of scientific studies for public clients, an internationally invited lecturer, panellist and author, as well as a contributor to research projects, exhibitions, conferences and media contributions. (Photo: Luiza Puiu)

Dipl.-Ing. Madlyn Miessgang

Madlyn Miessgang is the coordinator of the future.lab and is responsible for visual communication. She is also involved in third-party funded projects. She is involved in interdisciplinary teaching (e.g. field trips), coordinates various future.lab projects and is responsible for the future.lab magazine.

Madlyn Miessgang studied architecture and works with a focus on visual communication and graphic and spatial communication of scientific content, scenarios and planning approaches in architecture and urban planning. As co-founder of studio.eva, she deals with urban planning topics on various scales and won the Runner-Up EUROPAN 15 in Villach in 2019. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Stud.Ass. Lukas Bast, BSc. Kontakt: TISS

Lukas Bast is involved in the creation of publications and printed materials as well as the organisation of courses and events. He is also responsible for managing the future.lab website, social media channels and the newsletter.

future.lab Research Centre | E285-01
Focus Areas and Project Coordination

Senior Scientist Mag.phil. Dr.phil. Christian Peer Kontakt: Tiss

Head of inter- and transdisciplinary research projects and courses on sustainability transformation in urban development

As scientific project manager, Christian Peer is responsible for application-orientated research and teaching in key areas of sustainability transformation. Applied research and experimental interventions are designed, realised and critically reflected in inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations as constructive contributions to sustainable development. His research- and practice-orientated teaching focuses on the social opening of science and a commitment to sustainable development.

Christian Peer is a cultural anthropologist, civil engineer, environmental and spatial planner. His work centres on people and nature in their activity and networking in urban and regional development, joint learning and the associated perspectives of science and technology studies in architecture and spatial planning. Studied at Graz University of Technology, University of Graz, Vienna University of Technology, University of Vienna and Ecole National des Travaux Publics de l'Etat à Lyon. (Photo: Gerald Schutting)