International Social Housing Festival

The Research Center New Social Housing will participate in the International Social Housing Festival with a workshop, asking the question of “What is social in social housing?”

International Social Housing Festival
14-17 June, Helsinki, Finland

Festival theme: People first: quality of housing as quality of living

The workshop New Social Housing gathers multi- and transdisciplinary perspectives on social housing, taking Vienna’s projects of the International Building Exhibition 2022 and the research experiences of the academic collaboration with IBA as a starting point. Setting out from this locally specific theme, the workshop invites researchers, practitioners and others who have been part of the IBA ResearchLab for the past years to share their international perspectives on the question of prerequisites for better quality of living and initiate a discussion beyond disciplinary boundaries with the audience at site. While housing provision, production and research are highly segmented into disciplinary and professional fields, this workshop functions as an exchange platform through, firstly, establishing a common language among participants from research, architecture, urban design, administration etc., secondly, exploring transdisciplinary exchange formats (digitally via miro and menti), and thirdly, formulating specific questions on new social housing in regard to the quality of housing as a fundamental prerequisite for better quality of living. The workshop will be held on site in Helsinki, with an introductory presentation by IBA Wien and at site presentations by invited experts on social housing.

Presenters and discussants:

  • Kurt Hofstetter (Director of IBA Vienna 2022, via online stream)
  • Gerlinde Gutheil-Knopp-Kirchwald (Austrian Federation of Limited-Profit Housing Associations (GBV)
  • Michael Obrist (TU Wien, Head of Research Unit Housing & Design)
  • Daniel Glaser (City of Vienna, Municipal Department MA50 - Housing Research, via online stream)
  • Johanna Lilius (Senior Scientist, Department of Architecture, Aalto University, Finland)


  • Judith M. Lehner, TU Wien, Coordinator Research Center New Social Housing