JPIs Urban Lunch Talk #20: Envisioning a sustainable future: Public infrastuctures – what will they be and look like?

Envisioning a sustainable future: Public infrastuctures – what will they be and look like?

Welcome to this Urban Lunch Talk about sustainable urban futures and infrastructural transition. How will this be addressed and approached, and what is to be achieved?

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The webinar will be recorded in Zoom, and later on published for the JPI Urban Europe’s Youtube channel.

New envisioned future theme

The Urban Lunch Talk concept has newly shifted focus to the partnership Driving Urban Europe (DUT) part about sustainable futures. The upcoming talk about public infrastructures will involve discussions on the envisioned future of urban infrastructures based on the latest research and innovation knowledge. What are the dilemmas with public infrastructure development, technically and socially, and which are the ways to address the challenges? What is there to be achieved – what will sustainable urban infrastructure in the future be and look like?

Guests from ENUTC

For the Urban Lunch Talk #20 the invited guests for the panel on public infrastructure are all from projects in the ERA-NET Cofund Urban Transformation Capacities (ENUTC).

  • Christian Peer (OPUSH), Senior Scientist, TU Wien, Manager Future.lab Research Center
  • Tanu Priya Uteng (CARIN-PT), Ph.D. Research Leader, Regional Planning and Development, Institute of Transport Economics (TOI), Norwegian Center for Transport Research
  • Johanna Rivano Eckerdal (ILIT), Head of Center for Oresund Region Studies, Reader/Associate Professor in Information Studies, Departement of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University

Call topic about urban infrastructure

In ENUTC, urban transformation capacities are related to call topics addressing a wide variety of urban challenges, such as robust and resilient urban infrastructure. This topic, including built environment, implies an urban infrastructure that can resist natural, environmental, social, economic and technological threats on smaller and larger scales based on efficient use of resources. It also implies fair access to urban infrastructure and the built environment.

>> Learn more about ENUTC at the call website


21 October 

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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