Book Release: The Social Dimension of Social Housing

As housing once again becomes a key concern in most parts of the world, social housing finds itself in the centre of public debate as well. However, what the 'social' in social housing actually means remains unclear. This book aims to increase the knowledge on social housing and stimulate the ongoing discussion as to what the social refers to and what it will come to mean in the future.

It invites to a journey across continents and concepts, drawing a kaleidoscope of social, political and cultural realities: twenty-two short essays, based on case studies from around the world, describe and illustrate social life in social housing. Eleven theoretical chapters from the perspective of different disciplines reflect the global challenges behind local responses which these cases represent: migration and mobility, issuses of social inequality and social justice, changing household patterns and family (re)constructions, new technologies, and care arrangements.

Spector books
Leipzig April, 2023
ISBN: 9783959056533
Editors: Simon Güntner, Juma Hauser, Judith M. Lehner, Christoph Reinprecht
Artwork: Juma Hauser