Future.lab Magazine #18 Housing knowledge/s

The eighteenth issue of the future.lab magazine focuses on the global housing crisis and asks for the necessary international and local forms of collaboration and knowledge in architecture, planning and social sciences for the development of new approaches.

With the launch of the Research Center for New Social Housing in autumn 2022, together with the research areas of sociology and housing construction and design of the faculty and the University of Vienna, a new transdisciplinary platform was established at the future.lab of TU Wien. The Center, whose name derives from the long-standing cooperation with the IBA_Vienna, promotes transdisciplinary, critical and comparative research in the field of social housing and urban development.

This issue of the future.lab magazine opens a debate on housing knowledge by connecting local examples (including the Vienna housing model, the housing cooperatives of Switzerland and Uruguay, the homeless crisis in Los Angeles) with the international discourse in housing research on financialisation, affordability, displacement and equitable distribution. We ask the question: what knowledge about housing production, housing policies and housing needs to be considered in research and design and how can we create an exchange between these specific forms of knowledge?

We hope you enjoy reading the first edition of the future.lab magazine in english-language and would like to kindly thank the authors of this issue.

Best regards,

Judith M. Lehner (Research Center for New Social Housing) and the future.lab editors